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The USCCE Welcomes All to Join

The United States Center for Coaching Excellence is dedicated to leadership and support for quality coach education and development in the United States. To achieve these goals, we regularly hold summits and events to provide knowledge, resources, and support.

The North American Coach Development Summit

The goal of the North American Coach Development Summit is to highlight PRACTICAL information that coaches and coach educators and developers can hear and use in practice immediately. The annual event invites professionals from across the United States, North America, and around the world who educate, develop, train and supervise coaches along with coaches, sport scientists and sport science researchers interested in professional coach development.

Engagement Events

The USCCE launched Engagement Events to provide virtual opportunities for conversation and collaboration among coach educators and coach developers worldwide. Together with professionals in coach education and coach development, we discuss common challenges and share strategies to provide quality educational support to sport coaches

Coach Development Academy

The USCCE in partnership with the International Council for Coaching Excellence provides Coach Developer training in the United States. Our program offers workshops for individuals who work with, educate and support coaches.  They have been designed to help you develop the skills needed to train, support, and challenge coaches to become the best.

There are no upcoming events at this time

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