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The USCCE provides a ‘home’ for Higher Education Institutions, National Governing Bodies of Sport, Coaches Associations, Sports Training Providers, and industry leaders and professionals with a vested interest in enriching sport through quality coach development and coach education. 

Anyone interested in networking with others in the field and in supporting and contributing to the mission of the USCCE are encouraged to join.  Membership runs from January to December, although organizations and individuals are welcome to join at any time. 


For Professionals and Students

For Organizations

Membership Types

Organizational Membership

Annual Membership Dues: $250

Organization Members are deemed to be any organization who provides coach development and coach education or who wishes to support quality coaching education and development. 

Organization members do not have to have NCACE Accredited Programs.   However, organizations with one or more programs that has been NCACE Accredited must be current USCCE Organizational Members.

Professional Membership

Annual Membership Dues: $100

Professional membership provides resources and enhanced networking opportunities for individuals who work with coaches, develop coaching education materials, deliver coaching education training, conduct coaching research or who are just plain passionate about quality coaching education and professional development for coaches across all levels of sport.

Student Membership

Annual Membership Dues: $60

Student membership is intended for any individual pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in sport coaching, coaching education or related field. The USCCE welcomes student members interested in learning more about sport coaching and coach education, meeting and networking with professionals in the field and in sharing their research and applied work.

Join the growing community of professionals in sport coaching education and coach development from a wide range of sport organizations and programs

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