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As an organization committed to creating and supporting positive athlete development experiences through quality coaching, we recognize the value and importance of the coaching professional through the acknowledgment of the following key points:

      • Coaching is a recognized complex profession requiring an understanding of contextually specific and appropriate knowledge, skills, and behaviors,
      • The coach plays an essential role in the creation and implementation of a healthy sport environment,
      • The coach-athlete relationship plays an important role in athlete development, enjoyment, and the overall sport experience,
      • Coaching, like other complex professions, benefits from quality informed experience built upon foundational knowledge of the field,
      • The core knowledge disciplines which inform the profession of coaching include: pedagogy, exercise science, nutrition, human development, sport psychology, technology, sport administration, and sport medicine,
      • Professional standards of care and conduct exist to support and guide professionals and to protect the athletes they are responsible for, and
      • Professionalism in coaching is designated by the importance and value of the role and the established core knowledge of the job rather than financial gain.


Therefore, the USCCE advocates the importance of system based support of coaching as a profession and of individuals within the profession through:

      • Recognition of the voice of the coaching professionals,
      • Leadership through the development of contextually appropriate and discipline-informed training and development materials to support the profession within specific contexts, and
      • Support for on-going professional development of coaches (e.g. guided internships, mentorship programs, on-going learning opportunities).

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