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Raise the Bar Pledge

Join the Movement to Raise the Bar for quality youth sport coaching!

We are asking you to join the national movement to help make sport a positive experience for youth, parents, and coaches around the country. With your FREE pledge to RAISE the BAR, you will be taking an important step to improving sport for all.

In this widespread, national campaign, we will be asking parents to be more critical of the youth sport programs they choose, encouraging questions like, “Who is really coaching my athlete? What training do they have? Has this organization done their due diligence to ensure the physical and emotional safety of the athletes? Does this coach have the knowledge and skill provide the right age- right stage training and environment needed for a positive, healthy, and productive sport experience?”

Why take the Raise the Bar Pledge?

Like many, you believe sport can be a positive experience for kids. But, with the growing competitive focus, you might be having a hard time explaining to your volunteer coaches how to make sport fun, educational, and beneficial for the youngest athletes. We want to help organizations who are doing the right things get the recognition they deserve!

Benefits for You

 Listed on the “We Pledged” national RAISE the BAR website
* USCCE resources and materials to support and grow quality coaching
* A better understanding for coaches and parents about the mission and values of your organization

Benefits for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches

A safer environment for athletes
* More consistent experiences for athletes and coaches from team to team and season to season
* Increased athlete enjoyment, resulting in athletes who are more likely to return next season
* Parents and coaches who are more informed and therefore, more connected to the program
* Parent coaches who feel more confident about volunteering

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